I was 15 when I joined tumblr and now I’m 20 and when I see 15 year olds on tumblr I’m like 

wow you’re so young what are you doing on tumblr

and then I’m like 


What is it like to be hella gorgeous, though…

I’m not hella gorgeous. I’m just regular gorgeous.

Things that photoset taught me about myself:

  • I can be bought with a nice body
  • and good food

On the one hand I’m excited to start classes and rehearsals in the BRAND SPANKING NEW MUSIC BUILDING AT SCHOOL HELL YEAH

But on the other hand




I get Grammies and Oscars and Golden Globes and Emmies mixed up. 

Idfk which one is which. 

But on the other hand, I saw the preview for No Good Deed and YOOOOOOOOOO IM SO PUMPED FOR THAT SHIT ALREADY.

At first I was like, aw nah, man, I don’t wanna see a movie where Idris Elba is the bad guy. 

But then I saw Taraji P. Henson being a Badass Mom and I was like OH SHIT OH SHIT IT’S ABOUT TO GET REAL

And yes hell yes I am so down for seeing Taraji throw down with Idris. 

Yes please.

Randomly went to go see Lucy (the movie, not a person) today with my parents and wow wow wow that was the most far-fetched and convoluted movie I have seen in a whiiiiiiiiiiiiiile. 

I mean seriously why the fuck would you waste time criticizing ScarJo’s cellulite when you could be talking about what a sick piece of shit she is? 



Why is her body even up for discussion? 

When you allow people to talk shit about crappy women just because they look a certain way, you are distracting from the things that ACTUALLY need to be addressed: their racism, their shit politics, etc. Do not ever ever ever ever ever let bad women’s shittiness get swept under the rug on account of “lol look at her butt jiggle.”

to-grow-a-plant asked:

I mean who doesn't like/admire/support women with shit policies? I think Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman are blithering idiots/racists but I will always uplift women because that's just what feminism and sisterhood are about. ScarJo might be a fascist, Zionist cretin, but she's still allowed to have cellulite!






Agreed. I’ve gone to bat for Anne Coulter and Shirley Phelps when they were getting insulted based on appearances, for god’s sake, and those are two women who I wouldn’t piss on to put out a fire.

I can disagree with someone vehemently, and still defend them against toxic beauty standards. It’s not comfortable, but it’s not conditional.

If I say I support women, then I support them all, whenever I can, to the best of my ability. If I wanted choosey-choice shit, I’d have stayed libfem.

Defend racists against cellulite! !!!!! :)

white feminists are such trash

Yeah I literally thought this was a joke this is garbage trash waste refuge ready for curbside pickup what the hell

Not actually white, first of all, and if you can’t figure out that I’m not defending them so much as critiquing the system that would reduce their points to “Mann Coulter” and the like, then your analysis is nowhere near as deep as you’d like to think.

They’re awful people. ScarJo supports awful positions. Ann Coulter is a racist little xenophobe and Shirley Phelps would see me dead and buried and picket my funeral if she was given half the opportunity.

I will engage them on those points, on the failures of their reasoning and rhetoric, but I won’t allow a male-dominated industry to reduce those points to puerile jabs about whether Ann Coulter has an Adam’s apple or if ScarJo has a “hellish body”.


WOW WOW WOW WOW I am so ridiculously shocked and offended that any woman who calls herself a feminist would support bashing the womanhood of other women just because they have shit politics. 

You know what you do when a woman, white or otherwise, has shit politics?


If your comments about a woman have nothing to do with her political and moral values, then you don’t need to be opening your fucking mouth about her in the first place. 

I’m so sick of this misguided faux “feminism” that is content to leave certain women out to be picked at and torn apart by patriarchal standards. 

I am 100% down for shredding apart and shaming people for racism and toxic politics. Yes. Please. PLEASE let people like Coulter and Phelps and ScarJo know how fucking vile they are. 

But leave their fucking bodies out of it. You absolutely cannot defend women while simultaneously being content to let other women suffer for their womanhood. 

I’ve discovered there’s a lot you can do inside haunted houses.


For example, you can:

  • be in a shampoo commercial


  • start a boy band:


  • spot some choice booty:


  • break into song:


  • see some people in frankly offensive outfits:


  • attend a metal show:


  • listen to some sick jams:


  • discover zombieism:


  • sample some tasty snacks:


  • watch someone get burned bad:


  • find something you really like:


  • find something you really, really like:


  • find something you REALLY REALLY LIKE:


  • and wonder if you left the stove on:


(via crystaltokyoqueen)


For the record, as a writer and a musician I make it my personal responsibility to do right by humankind as a whole via my art, by being respectful and understanding of people’s cultures and experiences and histories, and using that respect and understanding to create and maintain an honest and organic atmosphere in my music and writing. 

Idk if that made any sense whatsoever but I feel like the broader your understandings are of the various facets of humankind, the more profound and permanent your art has the potential to be. 

So I take this shit seriously. And no, not every artist *has* to take on this same responsibility, but to be real, I don’t respect artists who decline that responsibility. I don’t. At all. Because those are the kinds of artists who will shit all over the histories and experiences of people like myself (and different from myself) for the sake of telling stories that make THEM and ONLY them comfortable. 

I’m not down for that. 

At all. 

Art is powerful and y’all know what homeboy said in Spiderman: With great power comes great responsibility. 

When you claim the title of “artist” in any respect, if you’re worth a shit you will do your best to be responsible with that power. 

This has been another announcement from your Firelord Frowny.

All I want in life is for a really ripped, really gorgeous man to cook for me in his underwear.