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sweetwealthybird replied to your post: Black hair.


sweetwealthybird replied to your post: Black hair.

I see what you mean..It seems that most natural hair dedicated blogs mostly showcase loose curl patterns. but there are plenty of ‘hair idols’ with kinky hair like you and me. the key is to embrace our differences not have ‘curl envy’

Yeah…I just wish it was easier to come across, you know? It makes me feel like there is actually something wrong with my hair and like not even other black people would be able to appreciate it. 

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It’s just that most people with super kinky hair so they don’t go natural. And a lot of people have had perms for most of their life and aren’t even aware of what their natural texture is. Or you could just be looking at the wrong sites.

But even then, why don’t we go natural? Perhaps it’s not a HUGE factor, but I’d wager that often has something to do with the lack of representation we see of people like us. Seriously, one of the reasons I waited so long to start growing out my relaxer was because I just didn’t know what the hell to do with my natural hair or how I could possibly wear it, since I like NEVER see my kind of natural hair on anyone else. 

And I’ve looked at a lot of sites. On the majority of them, nearly EVERY example of natural hair features a lose curl. The ones with actually kinky hair are usually described as an exception to the “norm” or something. I’ve only found one website thus far that dedicates itself ONLY to hair like mine, and they specified that it was because it’s so hard to find places that glorify our hair like they do other black hair types.